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We rely on our own expertise and of those more informed than ourselves. With over 50 years in the advertising business and strong ties to other media friends and government agencies we are able to provide the best direction for any marketing campaign. Put us to work for you and be pleasantly surprised! 


We are here to help you navigate the media landscape on the United States/ Mexican border and into the interior of Mexico. Let us help you determine the best medium, the most cost effective marketing solution, who your target customer is and what advertising strategy can bring you optimal results in your needed budget.  


The United States/Mexico Border from San Diego/Tijuana to Brownsville/Matamoros is 2,000 miles of economic activity and opportunity. This unique zone of shared heritage, language and culture lives in a symbiotic economic relationship. In 2015, Over 181 million people crossed legally into the United States from Mexico according to the Department of Homeland Securities, US Customs and Border Protection, Office of Field Operation. The total value of US and Mexico trade is more than 1 billion dollars every day.  

Over 14 million people live in our border zone. Most Mexican border cities contain a larger population than their sister cities on the US side (in some cases 10x more populated). The US consulate through a strict vetting system grants a B12 visa to Mexican nationals which allows them to cross 30 miles into the United States. It is estimated that at least 1/2 of the population that lives in our Mexican sister cities have these visas. These captive consumers provide a ripe target for any savvy advertiser but sometimes go overlooked according to normal media audience measurement companies that just survey the population on the United States side.    

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