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Our Expertise

Mexidia is your 360 marketing solution for the United States/Mexico border and into the interior of Mexico.

We specializes in advertising on Mexican licensed media along the United States/Mexico border; from San Diego/Tijuana to Brownsville/ Matamoros.


We also reach into the interior of Mexico and are able to market your message to the entire country. 

Our strong ties to radio and our knowledge of the media landscape allows us the advantage of marketing your message on the medium that provides the best results for your clients or products. 

In order to provide the best results for our clients we access government statistical sites, audience measurement software and talk directly to the people who live in the markets we need. 

Keeping abreast of the constant changing political, social, technological & economic landscape is crucial to your marketing success.


We are creative people and believe their are many paths to success.


Please review some projects we are proud of.

Yes, we place your message on the medium you need but we can also help you translate your message, produce a radio commercial, design a social media post and even produce a video. 

We are here to help you succeed. We will monitor your campaign from order entry to analyzing the performance and billing accordingly. 

Let us provide you the tools you need to design the correct marketing strategy for your clients or products.

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