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Name: Activa 1420AM

Call Letters: XEF

Format: Spanish News/Talk

Watts: 5,000

Listen: Over-air & Radpog App, Streams 100%

Content: Local

Market: Ciudad Juárez / Mexico

Ciudad Juárez, México Audience

  • Age Range:    100% 35+

  • 75% Male listeners

  • Listen @ home: 93%

  • 89% of audience has an economic level of A/B, C+, C

  • 65% Work Full-time or Part-time

  • Strongest Listenership: M-F (8A-3P)

  • Weekly Cumulative Audience: 9,166

  • A minimum of 4,583 listeners per week directly impact the El Paso Economy

  • Facebook Social Icon



Launched in 2015, Activa was created to help bring resolution of the problematic social issues of Cd. Juárez by joining the community with the government, "Connecting Voices".

El Paso/Cd. Juárez/Las Cruces 


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